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Wine bottles are everywhere.

In the U.S. alone, there are nearly 4.5 billion bottles.

They’re easy to carry and they’re easy for people to forget, so why not make them as cute and cute as possible?

And what better way to make them adorable than with wine?

So here are 10 easy wine bottle charm ideas.1.

Make a Wine Bottle and a Wine Basket from a Wine Barrel (or a Wine Cart)2.

Make Wine Batch #1 with Wine Beads and Wine Baskets3.

Make an Art Deco Wine Bottle that’s Made of Wine4.

Make Your Own Wine Bottle Holder5.

Make Beer Bottle Holder and Wine Bottle6.

Make Craft Beer Bottle for Home Use7.

Make the Best Wine Bottle Ever8.

Make An Oven-Cooker Wine Bottle9.

Make your own wine bottle holder10.

Make Basket for Wine Bottle11.

Make A Basket to Keep Wine in12.

Make and Use Your Own Bottle Holder13.

Make Art Dec-style Wine Bottle14.

Make Wooden Wine Bottle15.

Make Ice Bottle16.

Make Glass Bottle17.

Make Vintage Wine Bottle18.

Make Wines Cans19.

Make You Wine Bottle Gift20.

Make DIY Wine Bottle Art Decor21.

Make The Best Wine Bottles in the World22.

Make One of These Wine Bottle Stickers23.

Make or Create a Wine Box from Wine Bottle24.

Make Some of Your Own Unique Wine Bottle Decor25.

Make This Wine Bottle Case26.

Make this Wine Bottle Cushion27.

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