When wine bottle dispensers become standard: A history

Wine bottles, and the way we use them, are changing fast.And it’s happening in China.What is wine bottle?Wine bottles are bottles that are filled with wine or alcohol and contain the liquid inside.They’re also called glass bottles.You don’t have to be a glass bottle collector to appreciate this: wine bottles are a symbol of a


How to spot wine glasses from the glass

The first thing you need to know about wine glasses is that they’re generally made of glass, and that the more expensive the glass, the more attractive the wine.That means, with the right glassware, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a $2 bottle of Chianti and a $8 bottle of Domaine de Beaune.To


This wine bottle hooker has made her customers laugh

The bottle hookers are out in force again. We’re getting our first look at a new breed of wine bottle hooks as the BBC’s comedy podcast The Love Tap investigates. They’re also getting their own series, which will be the first series of the Love Tap podcast, on BBC Two at 11pm on Sunday.The hooks feature some of


FourFour2: The best wine bottles

Two years ago, we wrote about how we had just finished an incredible bottle of wine and the wines we tasted. Now, four years later, it’s time to see which of the best bottles of wine have been made. We’ve taken a look at the wines made between 1490 and 1750 and compared the styles with a


What you need to know about wine bottle and wick brands

The term “wicked” is often thrown around when talking about a bottle of wine, but it’s actually an abbreviation for “woolen”.Wicking refers to the way the wine was made.Wicking is a chemical reaction that helps make wine more appealing to the palate.It’s also a critical part of the aging process.Wicks and bottles make up a

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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