When you’re not looking at your wine bottle or wine bottle changer, you might be reading it


It’s a little like watching a movie on your phone but the music is louder.

That’s the wine bottle app on your Android device.

The app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The name is a play on the word “vinegar” because wine has a thick skin and it’s easier to scratch the surface with your fingers than to hold the bottle in your mouth.

It’s also a play to be honest.

The Vinegar app lets you view your wine and wine pairing recommendations from hundreds of wine websites.

It also lets you search for wines you might like and see what they’re like, so you don’t have to search for specific wines to find a good one.

It can also display a range of wines, including a range from classic to premium.

It has an extensive library of over 500,000 wines.

There’s even a “Best of” section for people who don’t necessarily want to be paired with someone new or someone that’s already been paired with them.

But the app’s not limited to wine.

It shows you the most popular and most sought-after wines, and lets you also search by wine type and by country.

There are even recommendations for beers and cocktails.

Vinegar is available for Android, iOS and Apple TV.

This article originally appeared on Tech Insider.

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