How to get rid of the watermarks on your wine bottles


Wine bottles, glassware, and glasses all have their own unique style and appearance, and that’s what the new “watermark” feature from the company Wine and Glass can help you remove.

The feature allows you to select a color from a palette of four colors, select a size, and choose a type of label on the bottom of the bottle.

Then, from the drop-down menu, you can pick between four different options.

If you want to get specific, you could choose a color of a specific type, such as a gold, white, red, or black.

You’ll notice that the option to add a watermark is also there, as well.

When the option is selected, a water mark will appear above the label, giving you an idea of where the watermark came from.

The new feature is available now on Wine and, if you like, Glass’ website.

We have to say, it’s a neat idea, especially if you have a limited budget to spend on the brand’s premium bottles.

But the only way you can get it on a wine bottle is if you’re willing to shell out a pretty penny for it, which is something that we’re sure some of you aren’t.

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