Amazon has bought wine labels for $200 million


The online retailer Amazon has purchased wine labels from a wine and spirits brand for $1.6 million.

The acquisition, announced Tuesday, comes as Amazon is looking to become more of a wine-maker and more of an importer, as well as more of the brands that have a niche market.

The company has been trying to acquire brands that appeal to its growing consumer base.

The deal is one of several for wine labels on the company’s platform, which is currently the most popular way to buy wine.

The deal is part of a wider effort by Amazon to invest more in wine.

Last year, the online retailer said it would spend about $5 billion on wine labels and wine brands over the next three years.

In addition to the purchase of wine labels, Amazon is also buying a few wine labels that aren’t on the platform, including a wine brand from the United Kingdom, which has a wine business and is one step closer to becoming a fully independent company.

Amazon has also made a deal with the German beer brand Beethoven.

It is buying an equity stake in the company.

amazon wine bottles

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