Wine bottles spark controversy in China


Wine bottles in China spark controversy after a Chinese woman who said she was inspired by the French wines was asked to buy them, but they were never made.

The Chinese government said it was the product of “poor quality”, and there was no compensation offered to the owner.

The wine bottles are not legal to buy in China, and people have been forced to donate them to charity.

The man who made the bottle, Zhang Yu, told reporters he had no idea the bottles were fake and had never made the wine.

“It was made with good quality materials,” he said.

The official Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday that the bottles had been found in a recycling centre in Shanghai.

It said Zhang was selling the wine bottles to charity in the hope that someone would buy them.

The bottles were first spotted by a local woman, and after the incident they were widely circulated on social media.

A Chinese official, Wu Xiaoming, said the wine was not genuine.

“The owner is not the one who sold it,” Wu told reporters.

The Associated Press news agency also reported that there was an apology issued on Wednesday.

“After the incident, the owner of the bottles was made aware of the mistake and apologised,” Wu said.

Wu said the bottles might be given to charity, but did not provide any details.

“I cannot confirm if they will be handed over to the Chinese government or handed to charity,” Wu added.

‘Totally unacceptable’ China’s state-run news agency Xinhua said the wines were made in a factory in Shenzhen, in central China, in September and October last year.

A spokesperson for the company said the company had never seen the bottles before.

The spokesperson did not explain how the wine could have been made.

“We have no knowledge of the origin of the wine,” the spokesperson said.

“As for the source, the wine has never been imported or made in China.”

China is one of the world’s most densely populated countries and has a high incidence of pollution, with more than 3 million factories and over 60% of the country’s manufacturing capacity.

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