A bottle of ‘little wine bottles’ found at an industrial estate


A bottle found on a farm has been labelled with the names of the company that makes them.

The bottle was found by a family on a field in St Peter, North Wales.

It is believed to be a bottle of “small wine bottles” produced by Aroma.

A spokesman for Aroma said: “This was a small wine bottle that we found at the bottom of the pond at our farm on Wednesday afternoon.”

We will be contacting the farmer and taking samples of the wine and any other evidence that may help us to determine the provenance of the bottle.

“Read moreThe spokesperson added: “We will contact the farmer to confirm that the bottle is genuine.

“It will then be returned to us and we will work to produce it as a gift for a local person.”

There was a family member on the farm who was in the field at the time.

“The spokesperson said they were keen to help the farmer in finding out where the bottle came from.

He added: “[The farmer] is a local guy, he’s not a big wine brand so he is not the first person to get this kind of a bottle.”

The bottle has been given to him and it will be returned at the end of the week to his family, hopefully a local family member or somebody who can help him with a bottle and who will be happy to give it back to him.”

Read More: Aroma sells ‘little bottles’ at auctionThis story originally appeared in The Sunday Times.

little wine bottles

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