A bottle of scarecrow grape wine will go on sale in South Africa


A bottle with a face painted on it, with the word ‘savage’ painted on its front, is on sale at the South African Wine and Spirits Association. 

The ‘Savage’ wine bottle, from the Gros Ventoux grapes, was unveiled on Sunday at a ceremony in the town of Gros Ventous, where the bottle was made in 2013. 

‘The bottle is a homage to a man that is famous for being a violent man.

He is said to have raped a woman and killed a man in revenge for the rape and killing of his wife,’ the SAWSA said in a statement.

‘In spite of the recent controversy surrounding the murder of a man by a neighbour, it is the people of South Africa that must be respected for who they are.’

The bottles will go up on sale on September 12.”

In this day and age, the people are taking to social media and social media has made a difference.

People are speaking out.

It is a matter of time before this bottle goes on sale.’

The ‘slammin’ wine, which was inspired by the movie Slap Shot, was created in partnership with the South Africa Wine and Spirit Association, SAWSI said. 

SAWSA President Mcebo Maben said that the ‘slander’ bottle would not have been sold without the support of the SAWA. 

“We are very proud of the work of the wine industry in South African wine, we want to ensure that this bottle of Savage wine goes on the market and will go down in history as a symbol of courage and strength for South Africans,” Mabenga said.

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