A California woman is charged with making wine bottles with the intention of selling them online


Posted December 22, 2017 09:37:52 A California man is facing charges for allegedly making wine and wine bottle tags in a bid to sell them on the black market.

Police arrested Johnathan Jones, 24, of San Bernardino on Thursday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit larceny, possession of counterfeit goods and possession of narcotics, according to a criminal complaint filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

According to the complaint, the two bottles Jones allegedly made with the intent to sell were labeled with the words “Decoupage Wine” and “Wine Bottle” in gold lettering on the bottoms of the bottles.

Jones was arrested on Thursday after an undercover Santa Clara police officer posing as a buyer on Craigslist and a woman on the internet contacted the Santa Clara Police Department.

According with the complaint:The undercover officer said he was looking for a “decoupage” wine bottle to sell for a person who was selling it for $250 or less.

When he showed up at the Santa Barbara home of Jones, he was asked to leave the property by the homeowner.

When the undercover officer returned, Jones allegedly told the homeowner he had “bought a decouple of decouples” and that he wanted to sell the bottles on the “black market.”

Jones was also arrested on suspicion that he had the intent of committing larcenies, a felony.

He is currently being held on $2 million bail.

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