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article Now Play: The world’s biggest car maker is now buying a new truck to handle deliveries of its newest cars, and now it’s also buying a boat to haul its cargo around.

The California-based company, General Motors, said Thursday it plans to buy the 727-foot ship, the General Santos, which can haul around 6,000 tons of cargo.

The boat is expected to be delivered to GM headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on March 10.

The move is expected be completed by March 21, the automaker said.

The ship will be used to carry General Motors’ newest cars.

GM is not the first auto company to buy a ship to haul cargo around the world.

The United Arab Emirates, China, the Philippines, and Mexico all own ships that haul goods between the United States and Asia.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Navy bought a $30 million diesel boat to transport cargo to the Uyuni River in Peru.

It is expected that General Santos will be able to take on more cargo for the Uyo project, General Motor said in a statement.

The General Santos is expected, with its capacity of about 30,000 barrels, to be used for shipping diesel and other petroleum products between ports in Brazil and China.

The GM ship is the largest diesel-powered boat GM has ever built.

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