How to make a wooden wine glass, in 5 minutes


In the past, I’ve used wooden wine bottles and glassware for a few different purposes.

One of them was for my kitchen countertop, and the other was for an espresso maker.

I also used a wooden bottle to hang some photos from my wall.

But when it comes to making wine bottles, I think I’ve finally figured out how to make one that works.

Wooden wine bottles are actually very similar to wine bottles.

They use wooden screws to fasten the bottles together.

This allows you to use your kitchen counter as a wine bottle rack, and you can also use it as a wooden shelf for wine bottles that you’ve stored in your cellar.

I like to use these wine bottles in the kitchen as I can hang them on my wall and use them for hanging my photo album and other things.

Here’s how to create a wooden glass bottle: First, take your wine bottle and a wooden screw.

Drill two holes into each side of the bottle.

The holes should be about 1/2-inch apart, and make sure the screw is flat on the inside of the wine bottle.

Cut the screw.

You can also trim the screws if you want, but I prefer to just take the screws off.

Make sure the wine bottles screw heads are flush with the bottom of the bottles.

You’ll need to take them apart once they’re complete.

You’re going to want to make sure that the screw heads don’t touch anything.

Cut out a piece of cardboard to fit around the screw holes.

Fold the piece of paper so it wraps around the holes.

The cardboard should wrap around the hole just enough to fit into the hole you drilled into the wine barrel.

You don’t want the cardboard to stick out much, so fold it in half.

Now, cut out the other side of each bottle.

This will be the side that you’re going be using as the wine rack.

You will want to fold the cardboard up over the hole so that it’s snug around the wine barrels screw heads.

Now you’ll need a small piece of wood to wrap around your wine bottles wine screw heads, and a piece that is slightly thicker than the other end of the screw head.

To make this piece, make a cut on the outside of the wood.

If you’re using a regular wine bottle or wine barrel, you’ll want to use a 1/8-inch wood chisel or chisel bit.

You may want to add a piece or two of wood as well.

If the wood you use is too thick, you can add some additional wood to the wood chisels or chislers.

Now glue your wine barrel to the bottle using glue gun adhesive.

You could also use a glue gun to glue your bottle to the wine.

To do this, first place the wine container on the back of the wooden screw, so it’s right next to the screws.

Now take the screw that’s going to hold the wine in place.

Put it in the wine jar, and fold the plastic back around the screws so the screw has a bit of room.

Make the bottle hinge.

If it doesn’t look like this, it should be easy.

Fold down the back half of the hinge so that the wine can slide back and forth through the screw on the opposite side of it.

Now screw the barrel on.

This is the hardest part.

You need to make it so that when the screw slips back into place, the wine is still able to slide back into the bottle as it slides through.

This means you need to glue it to the screw with glue gun.

This should look something like this: Next, put the screw back into its place.

It should look like the picture above.

Once you have that, fold the bottom half of each of the holes to make an indentation in the wood, so you can stick the screw into the jar.

I usually glue my wine bottles to the side of my wooden barrel, so that I can use them to hang photos or other things that I don’t like sticking out.

If I have a wine barrel hanging on the wall, I use a screw to hold it up.

If my wine barrel isn’t hanging on my kitchen wall, then I use the screw to attach the wine to my wine bottle holder.

The wine barrel is now ready to use as a bar.

I have one wine barrel sitting on my wine rack, which I used to hang a photo album that I used for an essay.

Now that I have my wine barrels and wine bottles together, I can easily hang up the photo album, and use the wine for other things, such as my espresso maker, as well as some photos.

This process should take about 10 minutes.

This tutorial was created by Jody Waugh and was originally published by the Mashable team.

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