How to avoid a $1 million lawsuit from a wine bottle carrier


Wine carrier bottles are the kind of item you’d never want to buy or have in your house.

The metal handles are heavy and the bottles are usually made of plastic.

The bottles come with a warranty, and a company like Glassdoor lists more than 100 wine carriers in its top 10 list.

But a $50,000 lawsuit filed by a woman in California against an Orange County, Calif., wine bottle company is a bit of a mess.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges that the company overcharged customers for wine in its bottles.

The woman, who is a real estate agent and the plaintiff in the suit, is seeking damages for wrongful termination, emotional distress and negligence, the LA Times reported.

The lawsuit alleges that Glassdoor and its Glasshouse platform were used to post ads for the bottles.

Glassdoor, Glasshouse and others are facing lawsuits for deceptive marketing, false advertising, copyright infringement, false and misleading advertising, and deceptive conduct, the newspaper reported.

“Glasshouse and Glasshouse are accused of selling misleading products to consumers in order to sell advertising for them, the suit states.

“Many consumers were deceived by the advertisements and the products advertised by Glasshouse, which included misleading claims of ‘unlock-your-glass’ and ‘lock-and-tag’ features,” the lawsuit said. “

The advertising promoted the fact that Glasshouse products are ‘unlimited’ to handle and carry wine,” the suit alleges.

“Many consumers were deceived by the advertisements and the products advertised by Glasshouse, which included misleading claims of ‘unlock-your-glass’ and ‘lock-and-tag’ features,” the lawsuit said.

The court filing also says that Glasshouses marketing materials also included false and deceptive advertising.

Glasshouses representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In January, Glasshouses CEO and founder John Osterloh resigned after an internal review, which Glasshouse later said was unrelated to the lawsuit.

Glasshouse also sued former Glasshouse partner Scott Koeppel for $1.3 million over an alleged violation of Glasshouse agreements.

In a separate lawsuit filed in January, a woman alleged that Glasshouses salespeople sold products to her and other customers without telling them they were not allowed to order wine bottles.

That lawsuit was settled with Glasshouse in February.

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