How to find cheap wine in New Zealand

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New Zealand wine has long been the envy of wine lovers, but with prices in the thousands of dollars per bottle, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find quality.

A number of outlets in the country are offering bottles for around $25,000, with many more going for $150,000 or more.

The price tag isn’t always that far off though, as prices can vary significantly depending on the region, as well as the quality of the wine.

For example, a bottle of the famous Kruga Lager, which is a light, fruity and slightly tart red, can go for around NZ$35,000.

A bottle of white wine, which can be more complex, can sell for around New Zealand$55,000 if the bottle is very well aged.

A couple of years ago, New Zealand’s leading wine bar, The Cellar, even offered a discount for the sake of affordability, saying that it was the most expensive bottle in the world, and that you could buy the same bottle for NZ$70,000 on the market.

The Cellar recently started selling bottles for $45,000 and $45 per 750ml.

“You can get a bottle for about $80,000 in New England and New Zealand, and if you want to go higher you can get them for about NZ$90,000,” the Cellar said in an email.

“If you want something more expensive in New York, you can buy it for about US$120,000.”

This is only the beginningHowever, if you are looking for the perfect wine for a special occasion, you may not be able to find it for $50,000-$80,00 a bottle.

The most expensive wines in New Zealander history are from the period around 1835-1914, when prices were higher than today, according to wine historian David Fergusson.

But prices can rise over the years, as more wineries enter the market and winemakers develop new and innovative products.

In fact, the price of wine has been falling steadily over the last decade, according the latest data from Wine and Spirits NZ.

But if you’re looking for a new bottle to add to your collection, the best way to find out how much you can spend is to find your nearest winery.

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