Why I love the ‘Mystic River’ soundtrack


By now, you’ve probably heard the name of the band who has released their third album, Mystic River, and they’ve been dubbed the “Mystic Gods” for their knack for producing great songs and songs that make you feel like you’ve actually walked into a musical fantasy.

But for all the magic and majesty of their work, the group’s recent single, “Mystical River,” has really blown me away.

The song is a beautiful song, filled with gorgeous piano chords and lush strings.

But the music video for the song, “I’m Just Breathing,” features a young woman named Methusela who weaves a beautiful, beautiful story about her mother and her future plans.

The song is an evocative one about a woman who has always had to work hard to get by.

And it’s a beautiful and poignant story.

But it’s not about that particular song.

Methusels story, in its entirety, is about the power of dreams and hope, and how these two things can lead to a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Mystic river is a song about hope and hope alone, and Methuels story is about her desire to find her own magic.

The video for Methu’s song is beautifully rendered and shows Methu singing a song of her own, while she walks in a forest surrounded by magical creatures and a river flowing through the forest.

It’s a powerful moment, and it really captures the essence of the song.

It’s a good moment for the band.

I think it’s going to be one of their best songs yet.

And when you get to see the video, you’ll be hooked.

There’s a very cool and magical moment, too.

Methus story is an empowering story.

And if that doesn’t convince you that it’s worth seeing, I don’t know what will.

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