When your favorite wine bottle looks like a cool alien, it may just be a good thing.


In addition to being cute, it also has some practical uses: wine bottles are used to store wine.

They are often placed in glass bottles in restaurants and other places that sell wine.

And there are some fancy bottles that look like a yeti.

In 2012, the New York Times reported that the yeti was one of the first things that the Japanese came across when they were searching for a new species of dog in a Japanese cave.

The yeti has been a popular pet for Japanese people for centuries, and the first one that became popular in the U.S. was the yetis famous kawaii dog, which is often mistaken for a yetis in Japan.

It has since become a worldwide pet.

However, the yetifish have also been used as a way to treat pain, which can be a great way to relieve stress.

They can also be used as an effective alternative to a morphine drip or to give yourself a quick injection of an opiate.

In the past, the Japanese have also made bottles for people who are addicted to painkillers, which has made them popular with the public.

As of this writing, a bottle of painkiller-laced wine costs around $12.

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