When you can drink in style at home


When you think you’re going to spend the night in a park, don’t.

You need to take your bottle to the cinema.

So what are you supposed to do?

Here are the 10 best places to watch movies on home video in the UK.

A quick search on YouTube reveals dozens of home video locations across the UK that cater to those looking for something a little different.

But if you want to see something a bit more intimate, the best bet is to head to a movie theatre.

With its huge screens, large sound system and large projection screen, the Royal Court cinema in London has been the go-to place for home cinema viewers for many years.

And now it’s getting a new look and new names.

In the years since it opened, it has been remodelled and now has a new name – the Royal Cinema.

The new cinema opens on Monday night, with a selection of films and a free popcorn.

A selection of the latest films at the cinema will be shown, including a new film by Steven Spielberg.

A list of the top-grossing films at The Royal Court can be found here.

It is also home to the Royal Society of Cinema and Television, which is currently organising a week of screenings.

And, for those who can’t get to a cinema, there is a new, smaller venue for films and other events.

There are currently more than 2,000 people waiting to go to the new Royal Cinema on Oxford Street.

It’s a long way from the cramped old cinema, which was once used by the Royal Family as a place to eat.

It now hosts more than 50 screenings each week and can hold up to 1,000.

The cinema has two screens.

One is the small screen and the other is the large screen.

The large screen is used for documentaries and other programmes.

There is a small cafe and bar nearby, which can also be reserved for private screenings.

You can also check out the latest news on the cinema’s Facebook page.

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