Australia’s first glass wine bottle is up for sale

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A glass wine can be the perfect wine for the office or the bar, but for those who don’t want to take the risk of opening their own bottle, this wine can also be an elegant gift for your favourite person.

The glass bottle has been a popular gift in Australia for a while, but it wasn’t until last week that one was on sale in the US.

The Wine Bottle Candle, which costs $200, has an insulated bottle and a light that is powered by a small solar panel.

It was launched in April, but has been on sale for just under a year.

The lamp is powered via an onboard battery and has a light output of 5W.

The Australian Wine Bottle Wine Candle is on sale until April 15.

Photo: James Brickwood The candle was designed by Australian wine bottle lamp manufacturer VantageWear and is one of the first glass wines to hit the US market.

Vantagewear has been selling glass wine candles since 2011.

The candle is designed for the wine lover who enjoys a glass of wine, but the light has been designed for wine lovers who don’t have a bottle.

“The light is not designed to be a substitute for a wine glass or even a wine lamp,” Vantagewear’s managing director of sales, Mark Jones, told Business Insider.

“It is a great gift for a friend, a colleague or someone who is simply looking for something to brighten the room.”

It is also a perfect gift for the new or experienced wine lover or for someone who likes to light up the place with a little bit of creativity.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how the product and its lighting technology will take off in Australia and internationally.”

A bottle lamp in the shape of a wine bottle can be found on sale at the Wine Bottle Lamp Company on Friday April 15, 2017.

The company is currently working on the next phase of its wine lamp, but said it is aiming for a price point of $300.

The bottle lamp has an LED bulb and the light output is 5W (7W in Australia) and 10W (14W in the UK).

The company also sells the Wine Candle Lite and Wine Candle Glow for $60 and $65 respectively.

The wine lamp candle has an adjustable height of 1.5 metres and a battery life of about a week.

The light is also available in a single bulb version, which can be switched on or off.

The first glass bottle in Australia was the original glass bottle from the 1890s, which was originally sold by the Royal Australian Mint.

Photo by Chris White/Supplied The glass wine bottles are a popular souvenir in Australia.

Australian Wine Company, which sells Australian wine bottles online, said the wine bottle has become a favourite gift in recent years.

It said a glass bottle is the perfect gift, but that the light will only light up a portion of the bottle.

“The glass wine lamp is a fantastic gift for wine drinkers or wine lovers,” Australian Wine Director of Sales, Chris White, told ABC Radio Australia.

“A glass wine glass has a nice glow that’s very reflective and it’s also great for making friends and meeting people.”

The Australian Food and Wine Promotion Agency said glass wine lamps can be useful for giving out food and wine to hungry people.

The agency said the lamp could be used as a handkerchief holder, or for giving a gift to a hungry person in need.

The lamps are also great gifts for people who donít want to buy their own glass wine.

“They’re great to give away for someone else to give to as well, but they also do a great job of being a little light and a little bright,” Mr White said.

“Thatís not to say that they can’t be a little expensive, but a lot of people can’t afford a glass wine.”

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