Recharge wine bottles in a wine terrarium

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The wine bottles you use to fill your wine glass and wine glasses that you’ve collected around your home can be used to make a new wine bottle, according to the makers of the Wine Bottle Terrarium.

The wine terraces, which are currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, can be attached to a wall and allow the wine to be recharged from a wine bottle.

The glass bottle terrace is made by Winesmith Wine Terraces, and is available for purchase for $149.99.

The company, which has a store in Sydney’s CBD, has partnered with Sydney’s wine store, Wine Merchants, to create a wine-shaped glass bottle, which will be available for sale through Wine Merchants.

The Wine Bottle Terarium has been created to be used in the homes of people who want to recharge their wine bottles after a period of inactivity, said CEO Alex Kaller.

“We have used a wine glass terrarium as a wine display for people who have lost interest in their wine and want to refresh their bottle collection,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful project for people in Sydney who are looking to recharge or refresh their wine collection.”

The glass terrace also works great as a storage solution for wine bottles.

“Winesmith also has a website,, that allows wine lovers to get involved in the project.”

Our aim is to provide a solution that will allow wine lovers in our community to rejuvenate their wine storage containers,” Mr Kallers said.

The terrarium was designed to be a temporary solution, and would be removed once the project was complete.

Winesilver’s website says it is available in the Sydney CBD, Melbourne CBD, Adelaide CBD and Perth CBD, with further locations to be announced.

For more information on the Wine Bottlesterium project, visit

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