When is it OK to break your bottle of wine?


When is breaking your wine bottle a bad idea?

A new study finds that if you break your wine bottles at the right time, you could be saving the bottle for a much bigger party.

The study, which looked at the safety of break-neck drinking and the number of drinks sold per person per year, found that people who drank three to four bottles of wine per week were three times more likely to be hospitalized with alcohol-related illnesses than people who didn’t drink.

While breaking a bottle at a party could be fun and entertaining, it also has health consequences, the study found.

Researchers found that alcohol-using people tended to have a higher risk of developing liver cirrhosis, heart disease, stroke and other serious diseases, the New York Times reported.

People who drank more than three drinks per week had a higher chance of developing a heart attack, according to the study, published online Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

There are a few steps you can take to prevent a break-in and prevent your wine from being lost, Dr. J.D. Hensley, a professor of medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and a study co-author, told the New Haven Register.

One of the first things you should do is have a safe wine cellar, so you can have your own wine for parties and social events, he said.

Also, if you’re planning to have parties at home, you should also have a separate storage space that is set aside for wine and snacks, Hensleys said.

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