Aussie wine bar upcycles wine bottles to help save them


A wine bar in Australia has become the first in the country to donate wine bottles that it’s been storing to a local charity.

Key points:A wine bar at Southbridge has donated wine bottles for local charity upcycle It is the first Australian wine bar to donate a bottle to the Wine Society of New South Wales (WSSN)The wine bar has donated five bottles to the WSSNThe WSSNC says the bottles were donated to the charity after they were used to promote the wine industryThe Wine Society is a non-profit organisation that helps wine producers and wineries by donating and promoting their wines, providing wine education and marketing support.

It is currently operating as a winery and distillery in Southbridge.

The charity said it was the first wine bar that had donated a bottle of wine to the organisation, and they would be donating more.

“We were very surprised to see it on our Facebook page, so we were a bit concerned, so when we got back to Australia we did a bit of research and discovered that this wine bar was donating its wine to WSSNSW, so it was a great surprise,” WSSNL Executive Director Michelle O’Brien said.

The WssNSW said the wine bar had donated five of its bottles to WTSN in the past, and this was the second donation to the group.

“It’s a great opportunity for WSSNW to get involved in a local wine industry.”

Our wine industry is very diverse and we really want to give a hand to local businesses and producers who have come through our program,” Ms O’Briensaid.

The wine shop has been donating wine bottles donated by its wineries to WFSNSW since 2011.”

The WTSNSW is really supportive and we are hoping that this will be an opportunity for other local wineries and winery staff to be able to donate as well,” Ms McDonagh said.

She said the WFSN would also use the wine bottles.”

There is a huge need in Southbank and in the area, and we have been doing our best to help out,” Ms MacDonagh added.WFSNS is an alliance of wineries, winemakers and other wineries across Australia.

The wines will be sent to Southbridge, about 30 kilometres (19 miles) south of Adelaide, where they will be donated to WBSNSW.”

They are all local, very unique, very special and they will all be used to help promote the wines,” Ms Molloy said.”

Hopefully, they will help people in the community and people in South Bank realise that it is a fantastic opportunity for them to support local winery.

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