Decoupage wedding wine bottle graphic – wine bottle transparent


DecouPage Wine Bottles is proud to introduce our wedding wine glasses, decoupage, which are transparent.

Decoupiece wine bottles are glass bottles that are transparent and can be easily decoupled from their packaging.

They are the ideal choice for weddings where glass is needed for decorating, such as cocktail parties and weddings.

The wine bottles decoupiece in different colors that are perfect for wedding weddings.

Decoupage Wine Bottls are created by hand using only the best materials.

They have a natural finish that makes them suitable for use as wedding glasses.

Decoy bottles are made by applying a protective film over the inside of the bottle.

The film is designed to prevent the bottle from opening and the film is not removable.

Decoy bottles also are a better choice for glass decorations such as tables, chairs and umbrellas.

Decoupaged bottles are also available for a lower price, at an additional charge.

Decouxage is a luxury wine brand, which has over 20 years of experience in wine production.

The company is dedicated to the quality of its wines.

The wine bottles made by Decouxage are designed with transparency in mind.

They come in a variety of colors and are ideal for weddings.

You can purchase the decouscreened wine bottles here.

decoupage wine bottles wedding wine bottles wine bottle graphic wine bottle transparent

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