Celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of wine bottle magnets


Wine bottle magnets are one of the more unusual and fascinating inventions in the history of science.

With their unique and colourful design, they have become a popular gift idea for many people.

In 2016, they became the toast of the science and technology media when they were the subject of a Wired article and an episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Now, they are being celebrated again with a new, unique and unique-looking version, the wine bottle magnet.

A video posted to YouTube shows how the magnetic wine bottle was designed and made.

One of the things that makes this design so unique is that it uses a specially-designed plastic tube which is connected to a magnet.

The tube is attached to a string and then pulled back to reveal the inside of the magnet, which is then connected to the string and the bottle.

The magnet and string are then connected together and the string is pushed down on the bottle to open the bottle lid.

The wine bottle can then be placed on a table or placed on the countertop, on a shelf, in the fridge or even inside a glass bottle, or even put in a glass can.

The bottle can be used to fill wine glasses and glasses of sparkling wine, which are popular with guests who love to drink with their family and friends.

The new version is also a little more portable, which means that it can be thrown into a bag, baggy bag or even a backpack.

It is the first time that this unique design has been shown off, with this particular bottle being shown to an Australian news program.

The story behind the wine bottles design has become a bit more interesting in recent months, with the video of the creation and the subsequent launch of the wine magnets being shared on social media and YouTube.

“This was an idea that I had for a while, and then it got a lot of traction,” said the creator of the design, Dan Parnell, who has created a number of wine magnets over the past few years.

“I wanted to do something that people would be happy with and wanted to give people something new to use, but I didn’t want to take anything away from the old wine magnets.”

He said the new version had a new design and was now in production.

“We had a bit of a kerfuffle last year about the design of the bottle, so I wanted to get this new one out there,” he said.

The first wave of wine magnet designs that have been shown to the media Since the video was first uploaded to YouTube, it has received over 200,000 views and over 60,000 comments.

It was featured in a number that were written by scientists and mathematicians, such as Professor James Hargreaves from the University of Sydney.

The Australian National University has also praised the new design for its innovative design, describing it as “a stunning achievement in a world where technology is moving so fast”.

“It’s a new way of thinking about the relationship between technology and wine,” said a spokesperson for the university.

The original version of the first wine magnet The new design has a different look to the one seen in the video.

Instead of the string being connected to an internal device, the bottle is now made of a plastic tube that can be attached to the strings of the magnets.

This allows the bottle itself to be used for storage and the magnets are also secured to the bottle in a way that they do not move around when the bottle has been opened.

Parnll said he has seen a number different variations of the new wine magnet design over the years, but he said he would never go back to using the original design.

“It took me a long time to find something that was really good for my family, and I’m really glad that it’s become this amazing thing,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

The video has attracted more than 50,000 viewers and is now the most popular video on YouTube.

The Wine Bottle Magnets creator Dan Pennell is a scientist who works at the University at Albany, New York.

He said he came up with the idea for the wine magnet after working on an earlier project, a similar version of which he had designed for the Smithsonian Institution.

The idea for his latest design was inspired by the famous wine bottle that is a favourite of many wine lovers around the world.

“One of the main reasons I was attracted to wine was that it is a symbol of family,” he explained.

“So that’s why when I saw this old wine bottle I wanted something that I could use as a gift to my wife or to myself.”

It was a big surprise to me that it was able to be put together like that.

The thing about the bottle that makes it so special is that there is no strings, and it’s got a magnetic loop attached to it.

“When it opens, it opens up this magnetic loop which connects it to the magnets and

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