Microsoft announces Wine Bottle Capsules as the next generation of bottle caps

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Microsoft is rolling out Wine Bottle Capes in a small number of its Windows 10 PCs.

The new Wine Bottlecaps, a separate version of the Wine Bottlecap, will come in the Windows 10 Creators Update and later.

Microsoft is touting the Caps as “the next generation” of bottle cap storage, and Microsoft is promising that the new caplets will last up to seven years.

The Caps will also feature a lock feature that allows you to store and share the Caps with others.

“Our goal with Wine Bottle caps is to help ensure that every time you open and use your Wine Bottle, your personal data is protected,” said Mike Hickey, senior vice president of Windows and devices.

Microsoft will announce the Wine Capes at a Microsoft event in California this coming Thursday.

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