The Most Fun Things You Can Do With a Wine Bottle

We’re about to embark on a holiday tradition: Celebrating the holidays in bottles!This year, we’re celebrating with a little bit of wine!And while you’re at it, don’t forget to drink up!In this episode, I talk about some fun wine bottle aerators you can buy. The next time you’re tempted to throw a wine bottle into the


This wine bottle hooker has made her customers laugh

The bottle hookers are out in force again. We’re getting our first look at a new breed of wine bottle hooks as the BBC’s comedy podcast The Love Tap investigates. They’re also getting their own series, which will be the first series of the Love Tap podcast, on BBC Two at 11pm on Sunday.The hooks feature some of


How to buy wine bottles in the US

Wine bottles are everywhere these days.You might think you’ve found them in a wine shop, but they’re actually all over the place.There’s a good chance you’ll stumble across them in your local grocery store, on the counter of a grocery store or even in a small bottle shop.So what’s a wine lover to do?Here’s a