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Which is the Best Wine Bottle tote?

Wine bottles tote: the perfect everyday carry-on item for traveling, for storing and toting in your wallet.┬áIn a new article, The Atlantic has published a fascinating piece by blogger Lauren Fiske, which explains why the world’s largest wine bottles have become so popular and, in particular, why they have become such a symbol of the


Packers get new wine bottle and wine box

Aaron Rodgers and company are celebrating the holidays with a new wine and a new box.The Packers announced Tuesday that the red wine bottle will be a new color.It will be red, white and green.The Packers are calling it the “Red Wine Bottle.”The new wine box will feature a red wine with a gold plating.The


Why wine bottles are so popular

Wine bottles are one of the most popular items to buy and a symbol of luxury, and their popularity is on the rise.However, with the arrival of cheap and easy-to-find alternatives, they are also a major problem for many people in the developing world.Al Jazeera’s James Poulos reports from London.