Packers get new wine bottle and wine box

Aaron Rodgers and company are celebrating the holidays with a new wine and a new box.The Packers announced Tuesday that the red wine bottle will be a new color.It will be red, white and green.The Packers are calling it the “Red Wine Bottle.”The new wine box will feature a red wine with a gold plating.The

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The history of the bottle tree

After centuries of being the home to many different wines, the bottle trees in Italy have been a symbol of Italy’s cultural heritage.Now a new exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rome celebrates the history of this distinctive tree, as well as the wines that came from its branches.Wine bottles and wine

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How wine bottles can be recycled and reused

Gold wine bottles are a favourite item amongst recycling collectors.And it’s not just wine bottles that can be recovered, either.You can also reuse your wine bottles as part of a recycling scheme, with the help of a wine bottle rack.A wine bottle recycler sells bottles, which are then resold to a recycler.The recycling scheme can


Elvis wine bottles in $100 million dress

WEDNESDAY, July 6, 2019 (AP) Elvis singer Elvis Presley is expected to sell off hundreds of thousands of vintage bottles, clothes and other items in a move designed to highlight the value of vintage products.The Los Angeles Times reported on Friday that the singer is expected in the Los Angeles area on Saturday, where he