How to store wine bottles inside your fridge

How do you keep wine bottles safe from spoilage?That’s the question posed to us by the wine bottle hooker we call ‘Fiddler’.Fiddler, who works in a warehouse in Sydney, explains how to keep your wine bottles neat and in good condition. Fiddler has a simple solution to keeping your wine bottle clean and in great condition:


49ers’ Wine Bottle Brush for Amazon Wines

Amazon Wine Bottle Brushes have arrived in the 49ers locker room, giving fans a new way to share their favorite beers.The $69.99 bottles come with three different sizes of wine bottles.Fans can either buy individual bottles or buy a large group of four.A selection of beer, spirits, and wine pairs are also available.The wine bottles


This wine bottle hooker has made her customers laugh

The bottle hookers are out in force again. We’re getting our first look at a new breed of wine bottle hooks as the BBC’s comedy podcast The Love Tap investigates. They’re also getting their own series, which will be the first series of the Love Tap podcast, on BBC Two at 11pm on Sunday.The hooks feature some of