Why do you drink wine?

Vines and wines are a big part of the Irish wine scene, with around 1.3 million people making a living from them.They’re the mainstay of many Irish pubs, bars and restaurants, with thousands of varieties of the two widely available alcoholic beverages available to buy.The popularity of wine, especially in the North of Ireland, is


How to fix wine bottle decal on a car

6L wine bottle is a relatively small glass that is usually used for wine and other alcoholic drinks.It’s also known as a ‘wine bottle opener’ and is usually a large red-painted glass.When you put your hand into a wine bottle opener, it’s the same as pouring a glass of wine through it.But when you put


Wine bottles spark controversy in China

Wine bottles in China spark controversy after a Chinese woman who said she was inspired by the French wines was asked to buy them, but they were never made.The Chinese government said it was the product of “poor quality”, and there was no compensation offered to the owner.The wine bottles are not legal to buy